Find the keys TO your beauty and your self confidence

You need help to set up a hair routine, face, skin that suits you? Your hair breaks despite all the products you buy? Still having skincare issues despite the many creams and treatments you collect in your bathroom? Need More time to take care of yourself?

My Beauty Therapy individual coaching program is for you. Through the remote sessions together, I will help you set up a complete ritual including beauty of the hair and beauty of the skin.

The program includes:

  • Complete diagnosis: hair, scalp, skin, face, diet, stress, sleep

  • Personalized ritual taking into account your lifestyle and your imperatives

  • Follow up and reassess the routine until it suits you

  • Products: Your personalized product pack is sent to you by post within 48 hours after your first session.

Price: on estimate only

Every client is unique, so are your needs.

So, I suggest you take appointment with me for a first coaching session offered to properly probe your needs and offer you a tailored support solution