A certain T.


You know I'm not asking for muchI am just full of love for you You know I'm not asking for much I will never again leave you I know it is hard to trust I know you are scared But if we only focus on the worst We will just keep being afraid

And miss the opportunity To have you inside of me Our hands connected When you penetrate me To moan together Make our sounds last for an eternity

This love I have for you This connection that we have Intellectual, spiritual Has the power to transform you To elevate you, to reveal you It worked on me already

I know you saw my power Even before I realized who I was Reason why I am not asking for much You already gave so much, shared so much, loved so much I know you are afraid Of not being enough Of me destroying you Hurting your feelings, your masculine Your essence, Your divine

My angel, be reassured My love is only love My nectar is pure love My energy is pure love For you only

To whom it may concern A certain T.


Photo Samantha Qeja on Unsplash.com