She is there, this magazine staring at her.She takes it, unconvinced she would learn anything. She goes through some pages. #Horoscope #Leo page . They said sex was her drive in life The way she expressed herself and her creativity They said the planets would send her 2 types of men One who would be there for her in all domains except in the bedroom The other would provide her everything she needs in bed but nowherelese. .

The planets, they said, would force her question herself on the link between love and sexuality . A year goes by There she is The planets didn't lie. Mr.T, Mr. I. Both there for her At a different level Physical or spiritual . She kicked them out of her life though She needed both She wants it all Love is a decision she said And that day She decided she would design her life To love And be loved Fully .

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash