Starting the week with gratitude

An habit that can make the whole difference

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Hello Hello !

How are you today?

This is our motivation time of the week and I have a word that comes to mind when writing this message GRATITUDE!

Sometimes we are so caught up in our business journey, organization, family and other issues that we forget to be happy with what we already have, who we already are.

This morning, I woke up with an immense gratitude

  • to be alive and in good health

  • surrounded by the love of my family

  • to be able to feed myself and my children

  • in a country at peace (well almost ;-)

  • to have all these business opportunities

  • have the trust of my clientsto have slept well

Every morning and evening, I strive to ask what I sincerely thank God for. It has become a habit for last 4 years and it helps me to take life from the good side and especially not to complain.

When you spend your time complaining, you become a repeller for everything. Customers, colleagues, friends! Nobody wants to be around people who complain all the time.

This week, I invite you:

  • to make the list of things for well you are filled with gratitude every morning and every evening

  • to be careful when you complain in a day!

ClevaCrew’s achievements this week

I take this opportunity to congratulate ClevaCrew members this week:

  • Jessica Galanth for the launch of her website dedicated to Afro Influencers.

  • Ndioba and Astou who have deposited capital for their baby care product company Origines & Soins.

  • Beatrice LM celebrating the brand La Petite Crépue

  • Marina K. for the progress on the development of Gaindness, her brand of 100% natural lip balm.

Take good care of yourself,