When life gives you lemons...


When life gives you lemons…

…girl you know the damn quote!

Hello sis’



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Hope you are doing well.

It is monday and as you may know, it is the time of the week when the members of my premium membership club, the clevacrew, gather on Facebook and motivate each other.

Those last 3 months have been hard on many of us. From child loss to money loss, from break ups to divorce. Life can be tough on us sometimes! Hopefully, some of us who have been through tough situations are here to help the others.

I am one of them, my installation in Anjou had not been as smooth as I could imagine. Clients not paying on time, files lost in cyberspace…. Hopefully, things have switched to the right direction. Why?

Because, for once, I decided to take the road of effortlessness and go with the flow. To fight any type of resistance that would block me along the way. Because I have realised one thing : I created all of this!

Easier said than done but hey, it helps breaking the cycle of “oh my Gosh I will never make it” to never making it… really.

Taking responsibility

What can help us all see the glass half filled instead of half empty is our ability to take responsability. You prayed for all of this. You asked for all of this. That doesn’t mean you are the one to blame. There is actually no one to blame, when you take things as they come, work on what you can and get rid of the useless stress that comes when you try to control things you have no control on.

What can also help us all is making the best lemonade out of the lemons of life. And transform those so called negative experiences into something that serves us.

So sister, what lemonade are you preparing?

Join the clew to let us know what you have in store !

The sound of the week

It’s the song that has been with me all week, part of my autumn playlist.