Avoid procrastination

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We all know it is impossible to love 100% of our business. Here is a little sentence you can say to yourself when you are about to procrastinate.

For example, I prefer building marketing strategies for my clients than working on their business plans. My favorite activity of all is certainly building websites (ask me for a quote here).

When I have to work on something I don’t really like doing, I will find all excuses not to do it. Something more urgent (yeahh right), start a conversation or even make a phone call (if you know me you know I hate the phone so my condition is serious).

What is funny is that I recognise this pattern with my clients who often seem to be overwhelmed and to be running all over the place. When that happens to them, I give them these advices that I give to you today :

  • don’t force yourself. There is certainly a reason why you can’t do what you are “supposed to do” right now. Chill and remember that unless you are Dr Shepperd, no one wlll die here.

  • bring enthousiasm back : yes you hate accounting and yes you hate doing stupid copy and paste for your project but see the bigger picture. Remember shit makes the best fertilizer. We all have to do this we don’t necessary enjoy and it’s part of the process.

  • Once sentence I love saying to myself is “I am so blessed to have so many ways to impact the world today, let's do this!”. Bringing gratitude back for having work and having having to chase for clients is a blessing. Being thankful to God for always being behind my back and giving me the opportunity to work and improve my skills helps me enjoy more what I do

  • Imagine your client’s smile! If like me, you have your client’s success at heart, I can assure you that knowing what you do help give a good kick on the but.

And you, what are the activities you could skip in your business routine?

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