Hard to find


45 min of play

She was wet, ready

He must be too

She knew, she thought, she was sure,

He was 40... after all!

She put her hand down there and ... nothing... to grab

The stick was flat

Like a heavy used tire

About to retire

Is it her?

What didn't she do?

It has nothing to do with you

A little voice said in her head

His poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive worry, instead

She had to recognize

He couldn't get his thing up

So she started to suck

Slowly, taking her time, wisely

She heard him moan

She felt she was no longer alone

That afternoon she came


She realized she gave more than her body

Her soul, her love, her creative energy

Were the things missing

To her Mr B.


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Photo by Dwight Montgomery

overcoming break up and divorce

Overcoming break up and divorce

This is an extract from my new book