Winter Solstice - December 22nd 2018

Can you feel Her?
The Moon is inviting is for a small death this month.
Getting rid of what no longer serves our souls
Of the people, the obligations, the responsabilities, but maybe even the character, the person or personnae you've been.
pealing the layers little by little during the previous months, you are letting the old leaves fall from the tree.
You feel naked, and like an unborn child in her mothers womb, you are in search of this protecting energy that will help you gain the extra pounds necessary for you to come out to the world.
While you know this unconfortable time necessary, you know, deep inside of you that this old you HAD to die. 
This new version of you. Shape it, mold it, while the material is light,the branches are naked, the roots deeply grouded.
IT's you time to shine now
For my leo sisters