The sweeter the lick...


They started playingShe was wet, Ready Waiting for him to get inside One touch on his pants Nothing. He is not hard. Damn. It.

. The smell of her oils and perfumes were filling up the room. Coconut oil. Her best ally Rubbed in her hands Poured on his back . Her moaning was not enough Her dancing was not enough. She needed to go down Give him head to wake him up Make it stand hard and strong so he could glide through her warmth. . She did What she considered her job Methodically Sucking holding pressing caressing . The sweeter the Lick The harder the stick . He was ready She smiled He moaned .

May I get you inside of me now? . She didn't wait for the answer. She was in charge. She had control . And that afternoon, She came


Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash