Business Coaching

Take your business to the next level with the right strategy, the right tools, the right mindset

When you start your business or you want to move to a higher stage of your business, it can be very difficult:

  • to clearly define your target and mission

  • find the most suitable communication channels for your business

  • to sell your services / products at the right price and to make a living from your activity

  • to put forward and federate strong communities around your offers

  • to create an e-commerce site, launch it and make a living out of it

  • to combine work and family life

  • manage stress to make the right decisions

If you recognize yourself in any of these issues, then my Upgrade Your Game business coaching program is for you. I accompany project leaders and entrepreneurs looking for growth to implement effective strategies through digital and e-commerce.

During our coaching sessions, I help you set up a project that makes sense with the right strategy, network, tools and mindset.

The program includes several standard sessions that we determine together according to your needs.

My tools:

  • MBTI: A personality test that revolutionized my way of understanding the business and mine in particular and helped me to find my zone of confidence to grow my business or stop them

  • The 7 Values Game: The foundation of everything, your values, which help you make informed and aligned choices about who you are, what you believe in.

  • Selfcare and aromatherapy: Beauty coach for years, I know the importance of the well being of the woman and the management of her stress. So I put at the heart of my practice remedies from African traditions in which I grew for better energy.

  • Mindfullness & Spirituality: I am a person of faith who believes in God, I do not hide it. I attach great importance to spirituality in my accompaniment, placing faith and my intuition at the center of my strategic choices.

The options :

  • Website creation and e-commerce website

  • Community management

  • Event planning

  • Networking

  • Creation and drafting of business plan

  • Public speaking coaching

Rate :

On estimate only

Every client is unique, so are your needs.

So, I suggest you take appointment with me for a first coaching session offered to properly probe your needs and offer you a tailored support solution