I coach for 3 to 9 months women and men who wish to move to a new stage in their lives. I give you appointment under the palaver tree. To free you from what makes you suffer, blocks and hinders you. To no longer allow your past to ruin your present. I see you receive at my home, the office in Segré en Anjou bleu, by phone or by video conference, across the French-speaking world.

A holistic approach to coaching and therapy

I started my practice of coach and holistic therapist in 2010. At the time specialized in the accompaniment around the hair, I immediately understood the importance of bringing 360 ° solutions integrating body, mind and soul. My accompaniment, complementary to your traditional follow-up, aims to give you the keys to understanding patterns that you repeat unconsciously, that block you, and have repercussions on your life course, your career, your business, your beauty, your spiritual life .

My role is to help you find the love of the person you are and heal the wounds of your soul. For this, I listen to you, advise you, perform energy treatments and write for you personalized care rituals (diet, beauty and selfcare rituals, sleep, sports). I am also at your disposal between 2 sessions through my group guidance, my personalized meditations, my whatsapp hotline and my face-to-face workshops.

How to work with me?

Whether you have questions on your business or overall well being, I listen to you and give you the opportunity to freely express everything you feel and your concerns.

I also ask you many questions to help you go further. I talk a lot with you throughout our interview.

I often offer you practical exercises to do in between each session.

If you come to me for beauty and wellness, I also propose plants, oils and rituals from African traditions to purify you from the inside, release energies, move forward and find a personal, professional and sexual life happy and fulfilled.

If you come to me for business, I will send you your personalised recommandations to take your business to the next level.

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  • Personal, professional and entrepreneurial coaching

  • Coaching & Sacred Women's Care

  • Beauty coaching, natural hair

  • Sex therapy


  • My intuition, my clairaudience and my clairvoyance

  • Magnetism and energetic work through massage, especially scalp massages

  • Love: I am a light worker

  • Junguian Psychology & MBTI

  • The game of 7 personal values

  • Aromatherapy & Naturopathy

  • Mindfullness & Spirituality: I am a person of faith who believes in God, I do not hide it. I attach great importance to spirituality in my accompaniment, placing faith and my intuition at the center of my strategic choices.

  • Art Therapy

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • And many others…

Les options +

  • Hotline

  • Group coaching

  • Website creation and e-commerce site

  • Retreat

  • Networking

  • Public speaking coaching


Rate :

On estimate only. Every customer is unique, so are your needs.

Thus, I propose you to book your first consultation with me to properly probe your needs, give you first advice and offer you a tailored support solution.