Do you prefer to have sex in the dark? Are you afraid to put yourself on a dating site? You have trouble asking your dear one what would you like? Are you afraid to reveal your true personality with your lover? Are you bored in your relationship? Have you been excised and your sexuality is at a standstill? Are you afraid of being hurt? Do you feel that you will never find love? That you are not pretty enough to seduce?

As a woman, living a fulfilling sexuality can be very difficult, whether you are alone or in a relationship, and I am here to help you understand your sexuality, to overcome the complexities that prevent you from living a fulfilling life and finally enjoy this important part of life.

If you recognize any of these difficulties, my YesSheCame sexcare coaching program is for you. I accompany women and couples on their journey to a happier and more fulfilling sexuality.

Through the sessions carried out together, I will put at your disposal my many tools and techniques from West Africa to free you from your complexes, find your libido and experience the joys of sensuality and well-being alone or together.

The program includes several standard sessions that we determine together according to your needs.

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Every client is unique, so are your needs.

So, I suggest you take appointment with me for a first coaching session offered to properly probe your needs and offer a tailor-made support solution.