Françoise after ClevaSchool

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Francoise Decevre Paris

When Françoise and I met, she came to accompany one of her clients to one of my training sessions turning pro. She then joined my ClevaSchool Program. What was supposed to be a day like any other transformed her life deeply. Here is her story

Francoise Decevres could be my mother. With her strong expertise in accounting, the woman who raised her kids alone and was handling her business for more than 10 years was facing a major crisis. Her best client was not renewing her deal, leaving her in high stress mode and not knowing what to do next.

During turning pro, I made her realise her full potential, how many options she had available and how she could promote her expertise in the corporate world, the time for her to recharge her batteries, regain clarity and restart her life on her own terms.

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A few months after our workshop, she left Paris and became the head of the accounting service one of the successful private hospital in the East of France. After her contract, she went back to her beloved Normandy and got back in track to relaunch her business with serenity.

Her kind words

“ I could not thank you more for the authenticity, expertise passion and truths you’ve shared with us that day that completly changed my life. I think you do not imagine how many people your coaching can impact, I am grateful for having the chance to be there and benefit from it, Thank you Clarisse”