Isabelle's Success Story with Clarisse

It’s amazing what you can do when you get rid of certain fears
— Isabelle Boireau

When Isabelle came to me, her business as a Bride Make Up artist was booming. But she had this weird sensation she was running all over the place without getting the financial stability she was dreaming of. She was scared, of raising her prices and work with the clients she aspired to serve. She was unsure of her worth, which led her to self sabotage and missing more than 600 leads due to her lack of organisation.

She needed a vision, she needed tools, she needed confidence, she needed strategy.

With the tools and techniques she learnt during Turning pro, Isabelle has been able to :

  • Change her communication and be featured in magazines such as Marie Claire

  • Be invited in Talks

  • Get A clear sales process

  • Create and communicate on her signature programme #effetpeaunue

  • Increase significantly her rates with no guilt or shame

  • Invest more time for herself and family

  • Increase significantly her social media following and engagement with her community