Lili - Mama Rose Beauty

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I know precisely where I want to go and I have the tools to go there
— Lili Mendy

When Lili came to me, her hair extensions brand had started a few month ago and was very well appreciated by bloggers and youtubers. Nonetheless, something was wrong. She did not see the sales increase as much as they should. Lili was selling only online. She needed to understand what was going on, she needed a strategy. We have worked together on her offer, copywriting, social media, organisation and pricing. With the tools and techniques she learnt during the coaching, Lili has been able to :

  • Launch a UK version of her website and go international

  • Open new retail points of sale

  • Fund her growth

  • Launch her new braided wig line

  • Retain her clients

  • Invest more time for herself and family

  • Increase significantly her social media her press coverage

  • Be confident in her rates

  • Increase significantly her social media following and engagement with her community